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Software Operating Systems

Software operating systems can be defined as the software the is designed to communicate with the hardware of a computer. This level of communication must be able to occur on the most basic level.

Without software operating systems a software program is unable to run. The software operating systems is responsible for accessing peripherals and disks, allocating memory, processing tasks and serves as a user interface.

There are several different types of software operating systems. Software operating systems include programs like Linux, Mac, Windows and more. Developers who are responsible for creating software operating systems write in a technical code that is based on a standard programming interface. This interface is also known as API.

If a programmer did not use software operating systems then the programmer would have to write up to ten times more in order to receive the same software results. Software operating systems save time when creating different software programs. Other computer programmers are responsible for creating the software operating systems and not only the computer programs.

There are several different classifications for software operating systems. The first type is a multi-user program that allows two or more users to simultaneously run computer programs. These software operating systems have literally thousands of users.

A multiprocessing operating system supports the running of a program. This means that a program can be run on more than one CPU.

Another type of software operating system is a multitasking program. A multitasking program allows software to run concurrently. Multithreading is a type of program that allows different parts of one program to run at the same time.

The last type of software operating system is real time. Real time refers to the instant response of input. This is also known as a general purpose operating system.

Software operating systems are the most important part of a program. Without the operating system programs could not run on a computer. Every general purpose computer must use a software operating system. An operating system performs the tasks of recognizing input, keeping track of files, sending output, and controlling devices such as printers. Software operating systems can be considered the boss of the computer programs.